How to Create New Page Using Template

You can create pages with OptimizePress using our available templates by following the steps below. Be sure to login to your site’s admin area first before proceeding.

Before we get into the process of creating a page, let me explain what the template categories are.

Template Categories

You can choose to use the template collections, or for individual templates by category, you can click “Template Library.” In this guide, we will show you how to create a new page with a template from a Template Collection.

The process of creating a page is basically the same no matter what template you want to choose, whether that be a template from the Template Collection, Premium Templates (if you purchased any), Template Library (individual templates), or even a template of your own from the My Templates area.

Difference Between Template Categories

There are 4 main categories of OptimizePress Templates.

Template Collections
These are collections of pages which include a group of pages built in similar style. If you need to create a landing page, thank you page, download page, and a few other pages, you would just choose one of our collections and create all your pages from that collection to have similar styles between the pages. We also have collections for course creators, coaching, and many others.

Premium Templates
These are collections of templates that you would have purchased at the time you signed up for your OptimizePress account, or purchased from the Template Marketplace – The marketplace is a great avenue for finding templates which offer a more premium design that can utilize more of the advanced features in the OP Builder.

Template Library
Aside from premium templates, the template library includes all templates that are included with OptimizePress by default. Here you’ll find a wide range of sub categories such as Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Thank You Pages, and many more. This gives an easy way to see the same type of pages in one area so you can pick the one that suites your needs.

My Templates
The “My Templates” area is where you’ll find all your exported page templates which are within the Personal Template Cloud.

For more details about saving and using pages/sections, see the following guides (opens in new tab)

We may add more template categories and sub-categories in the future as OptimizePress continues to evolve.

Where to Create OptimizePress Pages

When you want to create a new page with OptimizePress that lives in the “Pages” area of your site, the below instructions will guide you on how to do that. What you don’t want to do is just go to “pages” and click “add new” as that will only use your default theme. If you want to use one of our templates then you would use the method below.

Also, if you want to create pages for your funnels, you would do that in the Funnel Builder, and if you are using OptimizeMentor, then to create course pages you would do that under “Mentor > Courses” and not through using the below method.

So basically you should either go through the “OptimizePress” menu in the admin area to create pages, “Funnels” to create funnel pages, and “Mentor Courses” to create course content.

Now, lets look at how to create a page with a template for the “pages area.

Choosing a Template to Create a Page

Step 1 – On the WordPress dashboard, hover over the OptimizePress panel on the sidebar.
Step 2 – Click on “Create New Page.” The templates will then load in a preview on the right-hand side.

    Step 3 – Scroll down and look for a template collection that you like. Hover over your preferred collection and click on “View Collection.”

    Step 4 – In the “View Collection” pop-up window, hover over your desired template and click “Use This Template.”

    Quick Tip: If you’re still on the fence about the template, no worries! Click “Preview Template” to see either a preview image or a live version on a sample page (some older templates only have the screenshots. Others have live pages).

    Step 5 – Assign a name to your page.
    Step 6 – Click “Create Page” to initiate the page generation process. You’ll notice that the PageBuilder will start buffering, and the template of your choice will become available for editing and re-branding.

    How to Create Pages for Custom Post Types or Blog Posts

    It’s actually the same process as above, only you would choose Posts, or a Custom Post Type instead of selecting “Page” from the drop down.

    To create a blog post, simply choose “Post” under the “Create Page” dropdown on the right side like you see below:

    To create a page within another post type, you can choose that as well from the “Create Page” drop down menu:

    If you need any help with creating new pages just reach out to our support team.

    Updated on September 17, 2023

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