How to Create New Page Using Template

Overview of the new Template Library

To create a new page with a template from the Template Library, just navigate in your site to “OptimizePress > Create New Page” and you’ll see the library there.

These templates are stored in a cloud and not on your WordPress installation.

Filtering Templates

You can filter the results by clicking on “Templates” and then ticking any of the filters on the left side of the editor. For example, to show all Landing Pages, I would simply select the “Landing Page” filter like you see here:

Create New Page With Template

To use a template, just hover over the template and choose the “Use Template” button.

Add a name for your page, and then click the “Create Page” button.


Bundles of pages (Homepage, Landing Page, About Us Page, etc…) that all share a similar design. Hover over one collection and you’ll be able to click a button to see the different templates available within that collection..

Click the “View Collection” button and you’ll get a popup with the different templates within that collection.

All templates has the Preview and Use Template options. Previewing the template will open a new tab that shows the full template on our demo site. The “Use Template” button will get you into the editor after you give the page a name.


Templates that you have purchased, such as the 10x package that you may have seen during your purchase of OptimizePress, would be found in the “Purchased” templates category. Each collection of purchased templates will show here.


The Marketplace category will show you all the available templates in the Marketplace. These are available for purchase. If you are looking for some great premium templates, you will find them here.

My Templates

The “My Templates” category is where you can pick one of your own templates that you have exported to the Personal Template Cloud.

Favorite Templates

You can now save templates as a favorite template. Just click the little heart icon in the top right corner of a template.

You can see all your favorite templates by clicking the heart icon from the Create New Page screen.

Search Templates

Searching for a template is now possible with the new template library. Just enter your keywords here in the search box and you will see any relevant templates in the search results.

Updated on May 20, 2024

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