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🎥 Create Your First Page with OptimizeBuilder

The video below will demonstrate how to create a page with the all new OptimizePress 3.0

Select a Template

To start creating a page through the OP3 page builder, you need first to select a template you would want to use. At the
OptimizePress 3 Dashboard area click either of the  (2) available options:

Create New Page link found at the top right section of the screen

Create new page at the WordPress admin sidebar

Both will redirect you to the page builder’s template page.

Select from the available range of templates (Blank, Confirmation Page, Thank You Pages, Sales Pages, Webinar Pages, etc). Click on the ”
Use This Template” option on your selected template, set up a page title then hit “Create Page” button. The OP3 page builder will load with the selected template’s data.

Edit the Template

As soon as the OptimizePress 3 page builder loads up you can then start editing your page. 

Add Element

Use the
(+) Elements section and it will list down all the elements available for you to use. Drag the elements you would want to insert into your page.

Edit the elements as preferred.


Create, Save and Share your selections to your other pages or site. Use your selected section by dragging it just like adding an element. You can choose between the Light and Dark options. 


By default the page status is set to draft. You can published the page here as well as customize the following sections:

  • Page Background
  • Headline Typography
  • Body Typography
  • Page Scripts
  • Custom CSS

Pop Overlay

Setup and Edit an overlay to your page using this feature. 

Other available options you can use within the OptimizePress 3 page builder when creating a page are:

  • Undo-Redo. This feature is helpful when you wanted to undo or redo recent changes you have made to your page.

  • Device Preview. Use this feature to preview the page on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views.

  • Preview Page. Click this option and a new tab for your page preview will load.

  • Save. Use this to save your work created on the page.

  • Close LiveEditor. Use this feature to close the LiveEditor or the OP3 page builder.


You can edit a page template using
full-screen window or exposing the page builder sidebar.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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