🎥 Dashboard Plugin Overview

The following video will show you an overview of the OptimizePress Dashboard Plugin

NOTE: Please note that the look of your dashboard may be different than what is shown in this guide as we regularly update and improve our plugin.

Update and Support Expiration

You can view your update and support subscription from your OptimizePress dashboard in WordPress. Check the right hand side of your screen on the OptimizePress dashboard page and you’ll find the expiration date of your update and support subscription.

Connect OptimizePress

At the left of the update and support expiration information section is the name that you registered upon checkout of your OptimizePress package and the current package tier you are on.

The “here” (without quotes) hyperlink will allow you to connect OR disconnect your dashboard from your OptimizePress account.

From the navigation area, you can access the other pages.  Note that the navigation menu items will change as you activate or deactivate your OptimizePress 3 plugins. If you have not activated the OptimizeBuilder yet, you will only find the
Dashboard, Integrations, Settings and Help menu items.

Integrations Page

If you click on the ADD New Integrations button, it will give you a list of 3rd party tools that are available to connect to your OptimizePress dashboard.

Settings Page

At the time of making of this video, you can only find Google Recaptcha v3 and Request Timeout setting.


Clicking the Help will open a new tab taking you to the OptimizePress 3.0 Knowledgebase page, contains the tutorials and guides in using the OP3.

FullScreen Mode

Clicking the tool will expand the dashboard area pushing the side off the page. To return to the default view, just click the FullScreen mode again.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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