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πŸŽ₯ Install and Activate OptimizePress Dashboard Plugin

The OP3 Dashboard plugin houses all the settings for Integrations, licensing, and templates. The dashboard is linked directly to your OP3 account and also allows you to install other plugins such as the OptimizePress Builder, and other plugins we are currently working on.

Watch the video below to see how to install and activate the OP3 Dashboard plugin:

Here is a text guide on how to activate and install the OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin:

1. After you have downloaded your OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin to your computer, go to your WordPress site and install the plugin.

On the WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins panel and Add New.

2. Then, click on Upload Plugin and hit the Choose File button to browse.

The current file size of our OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin is 21MB. You should be able to install the plugin without any problem. In the event that your installation fail because your maximum file size is below our requirement, please install the plugin via cPanel or FTP. If you are not familiar with cPanel or FTP, we recommend that you ask your hosting company to increase the file upload size for you to at least 24MB.

To check the maximum file upload size of your site, please click on Media panel and then Add New.

3. Moving on, look for your newly downloaded OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin in your computer and then select the file.Β Install the plugin.

4. Wait for the installation confirmation. Hit Activate Plugin when done.

5. That’s it. You have now successfully installed and activated the OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin. The next step is to license and connect your site.

Updated on November 27, 2023

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