Google reCaptcha Integration

This article will guide you on how you can setup
Google Recaptcha V3 on OptimizePress 3. This will work on the following elements:

  • Contact Form Element
  • Optin Form Element
  • Login & Registration Form element
  • OptimizeCheckouts Sales Forms

Make sure you have a working installation of OptimizePress 3 licensed & activated (For OP3 installation guide you can visit this link

Next, navigate over to WordPress Dashboard > OptimizePress > Settings and click on Recaptcha Tab 

Click on the “Google ReCaptcha V3” link this will take you to Google Recaptcha site, click on Admin Console and sign in / create an account

Next click the plus + sign top right to add a new API

And add your details as shown

Then click submit.
The next page will show your reCaptcha keys.

Copy each keys and paste it into your site’s OP3 Recaptcha fields (Be sure you pasted the keys on the right field) and don’t forget to hit Save :

Once you have done that you can now create an opt-in form as you would normally and the Google reCaptcha icon will appear on your landing pages.

This simple fix will stop spam bot submissions on your OptimizePress forms.
The reCaptcha badge also becomes visible site wide
We advise any customers to use ReCaptcha if they are seeing a high amount of spam signups on your email lists.

Advanced – Moving Recaptcha logo to left side

If you are using the OptimizePress affilate banner to show you are recommending or using OptimizePress, you may find there is an overlap with the Recaptcha banner from Google.  In these instances, we recommend using a small snippet of code to move the Recaptcha banner to the left side of the page.

To do this, open your page in the OptimizeBuilder, go to Settings > Custom CSS and insert the following CSS:

 /* Move reCAPTCHA v3 badge to the left */
 .grecaptcha-badge {
  width: 70px !important;
  overflow: hidden !important;
  transition: all 0.3s ease !important;
  left: 4px !important;

.grecaptcha-badge:hover {
  width: 256px !important;

This will move the Recaptcha banner to the left side of the screen/page.

Updated on May 28, 2023

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