Sendreach Integration

Connect your SendReach marketing tool to your OptimizePress 3 site by following this guide:

1. Log on to using your SendReach log ins.

2. Once logged in, navigate to API keys in the Main Menu at the left hand of your screen.

3. On the API keys page, copy your public key and private keys. Copy everything and do not leave any characters behind.

4. In case you can’t find any available keys, click the Create new button at the right hand side to generate new keys.

4. Go back to your WordPress dashboard and then press on the OptimizePress panel to drop down the selection. 

5. Click Integrations. When done, add a new integration by clicking the blue button on the Integration page.

6. By this time, a window will pop up with the list of services that you can integrate with. Look for SendReach and then hover over it to see the green button to add your keys.

7. Add your keys and then click on the Add New Integration.

9. You will then get a confirmation message on the page about the status of your integration. If you added the correct keys, it should inform you that your SendReach integration is successful. Otherwise, you have to go back to SendReach and copy the correct keys.

That’s pretty much everything to integrate your SendReach with OptimizePress 3.0 via API connection. Just select this integration when you setup your opt-in forms.

You may now use this integration by adding an Opt-in Form element in the OptimizePress Builder.


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Updated on November 28, 2022

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