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IMPORTANT UPDATE (April 3rd, 2023)
Ontraport is abandoning Sequences and advises using Automations. Our integration does require that a sequence exists in order to work properly, however when you create an optin form, you must use an Automation within Ontraport.

As long as you have a Sequence created, then you will be able to select an automation and tag to use with your Optin Form.

We will update this integration to not require a sequence in a future update.

How to Create an Automation

In Ontraport, to create an automation, you’ll simply login and navigate to “Contacts” and then “Automations”

Then click on the blue “New Automation” button to create an automation.

You’ll now see the Ontraport Automation builder. Please refer to Ontraport Guides on how to create and use Automations.

You can now follow the rest of our guide below on setting up the integration. This guide will be updated when this integration is updated in a future update.

Connecting OptimizePress to Ontraport

Follow the steps in this guide to create the integration and add contacts who subscribe on your opt-in forms into a sequence inside Ontraport using our API integration on OP3:

Step 1: You would need to log in to your Ontraport account.

Step 2: From the Ontraport Dashboard, click into Your Account in the top right to access the Administration section:

Step 3: Access the Administration Panel to create an API key.

From the Administration section, click on INTEGRATIONS and select ONTRAPORT API INSTRUCTIONS AND KEY MANAGER to create a new API key and APP ID:

Step 4: Create a New API key

From the API key section, click on the New API Key:

Step: 4: Configure Ontraport API APPLICATION.

In order for you to proceed with the API integration you would need to configure the API application for Ontraport user agreement and terms of use. Then, you have configure all API application field click on SAVE:

Step 5: Set the New APP ID and API Key.

Follow the steps in the screenshot below to create your new APP ID and API Key. You can use any API Key name that you wish:

Step 6: Copy your API Key and APP ID.

From the API keys section, copy the API ID and API key:

Step 6: Paste the values API Key and APP ID into your Optimizepress3 Dashboard Integrations.

Access the Ontraport service Integration options by going to WP-Dashboard >> OptimizePress3 >> Integration >> Add New Service Integration:

From the New Service Integrations, select Ontraport and enter the API Key and APP ID credentials:

Step 7: Ensure you have Ontraport Sequence created for your Opt in provider list.

From your Ontraport Dashboard select >> Contacts >> Sequences and click on New Sequences:

IMPORTANT: Our system does not send contacts to “Smart Forms” or any forms created within Ontraport – it can only send contacts into a sequence of your choosing.  This is because of how the Ontraport API works.

Step 8: Integrate your Opt-in Form with Ontraport.

Once you have all the above steps complete, you are ready to integrate one of your opt-in forms inside OptimizePress3 with Ontraport.  To do this, simply drag an opt-in form to a Optimizepress3 page builder or edit an existing opt-in form.










You may now use this integration by adding an Opt-in Form element in the OptimizePress Builder.


Need to know how to setup the opt-in form element? 

Need to know how to setup GDPR Fields?


Updated on April 3, 2023

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