Emma Integration

You can now easily integrate Emma marketing tool with your OptimizePress 3.0 via API connection. Here is a guide to help you:

1. Log on to https://myemma.com/login using your Emma log in credentials. Once logged in, go to your Profile page by clicking your Name (beside the ? icon) at the navigation menu.

2. On the Account page, click the the API key to generate your keys for the first time. Click the Generate API Key. 

3. Copy the Public key, Private key and Account ID and write it down or save it somewhere else. The reason for recording these credentials is simply because the Private keys are only displayed when initially generated.

In case you can’t find your Private key, please re-generate an API key. 

5. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click OptimizePress panel and then Integrations.

On the Integration page, click the Add New Integration button.

6. Look for the Emma integration and then hover over the logo. Click the Connect button (green).

7. Paste in your keys and account ID. Click the Add New Integration when done.

Once integrated, your Integration page will show the Emma board.

8. You can now connect your opt in form to your Emma email group. Note that “test groups” will not appear in the list. Thus, you must have a regular group.

That’s all there is to it. You may now add an opt-in form to your page and select this integration.

You may now use this integration by adding an Opt-in Form element in the OptimizePress Builder.


Need to know how to setup the opt-in form element? 

Need to know how to setup GDPR Fields?


Updated on February 9, 2024

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