ActiveCampaign Integration

To setup the integration with ActiveCampaign and OptimizePress 3, just follow Part 1 and Part 2 below:

Part 1: Get Active Campaign API URL and Key

After you login to your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll see a dashboard similar to this:

Your API URL and API Key will be found by navigating to “Settings” and then click on “Developer” 

Copy your API URL and API key. We’ll use them in Part 2 below

Part 2: Setup integration inside of the OptimizePress Dashboard

Login to your WordPress admin, and navigate to the “OptimizePress 3” tab on the left side; 

Then, you’ll see the following screen. Just click on “Integrations” (either from left side or top navigation):

Click on “Add New Integration” button

Then you can easily find the service you wish to integrate with by typing into the search box, or scrolling down through the various integrations:

Hover over “ActiveCampaign” and you’ll see a green button to click:

Then you’ll see the following area to input the API URL and API key that we copied from ActiveCampaign in step 1 above. After you are done entering the API credentials, simply click the blue “Add New integration” button to save and connect to ActiveCampaign.

You should see a success message similar to this one after saving your integration settings: 

You have now integrated ActiveCampaign with OptimizePress 3.

You may now use this integration by adding an Opt-in Form element in the OptimizePress Builder.


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Updated on November 28, 2022

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